Sponsor Request Form

Welcome to the Whippet’s Sponsor Page.

All the information you want to know about the Sponsor program.

Thank you for your interest on advertising with Whippet. We look forward to serving your community.. Air time is sold at 350.L a week or 1350.L a mos. You are purchasing a custom recorded advertisement that will cycle on air multiple times a day and **extra advertisement for your upcoming events . 

The extra advertisement for your event, will include a special ad made to be played for up to one month before your event. This ad will be played in conjunction with your normal ad for that time period. We need at least 2 weeks notice, before your event commercial goes live to make the ad to YOUR approval and specification!

This fee also include a website page just for your organization that can display most anything you wish to add to it such as social media links, referral back to your site, a player so viewers can listen to your commercial, contact information and more! You can also request to have have live coverage by a DJ of Whippet ( if available, in second life world ) as well

How to enroll:

Submit the registration form:

A staff member will then contact within 48 hours and take down what is needed to finalize the setup and give you station marketing resources to help spread the word about your organization and the station. A rental system at our SL headquarters allows proper tracking of your sponsorship. The Board allows others to see your sponsorship.

enter a contact name for follow up

enter an email address for confirmation and follow up.

enter the Second Life / OS Grid Location of Sponsor

Enter description of sponsor. Be creative so they want to come visit !

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