Sci-Fi Con 16

Sci-Fi Con 16
Event: Sci-Fi Con 16
Description: Welcome to Sci-Fi Con 16! We're so glad to have you back! This year we've chosen a different charity to spread the love and show the point of our new unity logo. This year the annual Sci-Fi Con will be in support of the Michael J Fox Foundation in Second Life.
Start Date: 2024-05-24 10:00:00 | End Date: 2024-06-04 18:00:00
Contact: Ąуđαη ŞϮσям νση ѠσレŦ (Stormy Zephyr)
Assigned Broadcaster:

Welcome to Sci-Fi Con 16! We’re so glad to have you back! This year we’ve chosen a different charity to spread the love and show the point of our new unity logo. This year the annual Sci-Fi Con will be in support of the Michael J Fox Foundation in Second Life.

Go to the The Michael J. Fox Foundation donation page

Event registration can be found here:
Please read the form in it’s entirety and fill it out the best of your ability. Entertainment is an important element in order to attract visitors to the convention who may not have otherwise been aware of some of the participating groups/stores, but also to bring in donations.
We would love to have you participate and bring joy to our sponsors, visitors and special guests. Please fill out this form for each event you wish to run during the Convention.  Since this is a charity event, there are some rules and expectations that you will need to follow.  Please read all rules carefully and contact a member of the Event Crew Leadership with any questions.

Rules and Regulations:

1. This is a Linden Lab partnered event. You will not be paid for your time since this is for Charity.
2. You are not allowed to rez a tip jar, all donations must be made through the provided event kiosks
3. All events must be PG 13, as this is a family friendly event. This means you must wear no less then a bikini for women and swim trunks for men. Performances must also not contain an excessive amount of vulgar/adult language
4. You can rez your own items. For prebuilt areas (Main Stages) you have a 100 Li limit. You can also request a rez area with a maximum Li of 1000. Please let a staff member know if you need more, we are happy to help!
5. Be sure you have enough group space for the convention groups.
6. Please be online and available for check in 30 minutes before your performance and check in with an Event Staff Member.
7. Either you or your host (if applicable) should check in on the Convention land group at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  If you fail to check in, we reserve the right to free up your time slot to another entertainer.
8. You can start rezzing in the backstage area 60 minutes before your show starts.  If you need additional time, please work with the Event Crew Leadership to determine the best event location so you can rez without interfering with another event.
9. Please coordinate with the current event host/performer in the sim where your event is to be held (when applicable) for the hand-off of the stream.  Do not change the stream without checking with them.
10. You are free to have any group active you like during your performance.  You do not need to wear a tag from the Convention group.
11. As your event is about to end, please be aware of and promote the next event on the schedule in order to encourage guests to attend the next event.
12. After your scheduled event ends, please pick up your own prims or ask a member of the Convention staff to assist with returning your items.
13. If you are not scheduled for another event, please leave the Convention land group once your performance is done.  If you have additional events scheduled during the Convention, you are welcome to remain in the group until after your last performance.
14. The Event Crew and Convention leadership reserves the right to observe any scheduled events to verify the quality of the performance is conducted at the highest possible level, is adhering to the rules, and does not diminish or tarnish the Convention or the MJFF.
Confirmation will be sent in world by note card.

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