Jay Sparrowtree


Jay Sparrowtree joined the craziness called Gorean Whip Radio  in 2012 with his first show on New Year’s day that year, Bringing with him his eclectic mix of music style honed from his DJ experiences in Second Life.  His passion for the station grew quickly and soon found himself filling in for others and  volunteering for projects the station was involved in.

Being the good slave he was at the time and not knowing how to say “NO” to a free person, the task of General
Manager was soon placed on his shoulders.  With lots of help from a great group of staff members, friends and patient mentors, somehow the station survived the one time farm boy’s  fumbles and missteps and since 2015,
 the word “owner” comes with Jay’s Name.  Who would have known a lowly slave would someday take the reins.

Charity and volunteerism flows through the veins and the station.   

Check us out here and across social media
sites as we bring the sting of the whip to the World Wide Whip!

*Jay’s Whipped Jams* are simply The Best… Contact him directly if you would like your Tavern, Inn or Longhall visited by this bard.

As Jawahir, Jay is a perfectly behaved kajirus. Most of the time.

Jay Sparrowtree in Second Life


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